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Golf shoes with spikes are definitely out. New ones with suction cup soles work well in helping you keep your stance as you make your swing without damaging the green and giving the greens keepers one hell of a time maintaining the course.

Whether you choose a tunic style dress or a balloon dress, a Nehru collar dress or one with roll-up sleeves, you can rest assured that you will exude sensuality and charm. The look is so contemporary, so fashionable and so very feminine that you will feel you are getting more attention than you bargained for. So be prepared to be serenaded, complimented and even envied when you wear your linendresses to work, an evening out partying, clubbing or while catching a movie and dinner.

For instance, if you will attend an evening party, certainly you will not wear t-shirt and shorts. You need to wear something that will really suit each occasion you will attend even though it is not in the newest trend. What is essential is that you will not look unpleasant simply because you are firmly following the newest trend.